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Course Search

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Using the Course Search Tool

The Course Search function is a powerful tool that allows users to search for courses using a number of different parameters.  The most appropriate search depends on the needs and knowledge of the user.  

To start a search:
  • Select the appropriate TERM: FA (Fall), SP (Spring), or SU (Summer)
  • Select the appropriate COURSE PROGRAM: Undergraduate Credit or Life Long Learning (noncredit)

Course Title Search

The TITLE field allows searches based on a specific course title or key words in the course title. 

  • Capitalization must match the catalog entry for the course. 
  • Example: a search for anatomy (without a capital A) will not return a result for a course title of Anatomy (with a capital A). 
  • The drop down menu provides four options to refine a search based on certain parameters (Contains, Begins With, Ends With, Exact Match).
Enter title or key words and click SEARCH at the bottom of the page.

Course Code Search

A COURSE CODE includes a prefix (a 2-5 letter abbreviation used to define the department or discipline) and number (the three digits that designate the specific course).

  • Example:  CHEM 100 - Concepts in Chemistry
  • prefix=CHEM, number=100, title =Concepts in Chemistry
  • To see all courses offered by a given department/discipline, enter a prefix in the COURSE CODE field.
  • To return more exact results, use the COURSE NUMBER RANGE drop down option to select the specific course number in addition to the prefix.
After entering a prefix and/or number, click SEARCH at the bottom of the page.


    If you cannot find the course that you are looking for please contact us -- we're here to help! You can chat with an advisor onlinemeet with an academic advisor in person, or submit a request for assistance.