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Decatur, Illinois Admission Form
Submitting information will begin the general admission process to 
Richland Community College in Decatur, Illinois.

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International Admission

In order to assist you best, we would encourage you to go to  This website outlines the process an international student would need to complete and should answer many questions you may have.

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Illinois Law Enforcement Phlebotomy Program (ILEPP)

The Illinois Law Enforcement Phlebotomy Program (ILEPP) oversees, coordinates, and assists law enforcement officers who are qualified in the procedures of venipuncture for investigatory purposes.  Law enforcement phlebotomy (LEP) must adhere to training and performance protocols set by the ILEPP State Guidelines. The purpose of LEP is to prepare selected law enforcement personnel to safely perform blood draws on impaired drivers in Illinois to reduce wait time for blood draws, improve the chain of custody of evidence, reduce costs, and produce better witnesses/testimony.

ILEPP is a selective admission program for Illinois law enforcement personnel who meet specific qualifications. This is a two-step process. The first is to apply to the program and if accepted, complete the required coursework.

For more information regarding the ILEPP, go to

    Illinois Law Enforcement Phlebotomy Program (ILEPP)